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12 May
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I'm the newest librarian at Washington University--I just finished my library science master's degree at the University of Missouri. My cool title is Reference / Web Services Librarian. Since it's a new position, I get to kinda invent the job. One thing I'm inventing is a web presence in places like LiveJournal. I'm so glad that Jazzy did this--and that it was written up in Student Life recently so that I heard about it.

I'd love to hear about cool tools that people are using on the web. And if anyone wants to know about how great RSS readers are or help finding feeds, let me know! My wustl address is jmoll at wumail dot wustl dot edu. I put my IM info in this profile. Or there's always the lower tech methods--I'm in Room 124 (Level 1, Reference hallway) of Olin Library and my campus phone number is 5-7466.